Kings & Queens of England Poster

Designed by Matt Baker email   Updated 31 Aug 2013

british monarchy chart

british monarchy chart

british monarchy chart

british monarchy chart

Published in August 2013 in order to include the new Prince George of Cambridge, this poster charts the direct line between Queen Elizabeth II and historical figures such as Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, and William the Conqueror.

It includes every monarch of England from 927 CE to today (Houses of Wessex, Plantagenet, Tudor, Stuart, Hanover, Windsor, etc.) and shows the Scottish royal line from Robert the Bruce as well as several independent Welsh and Irish kings.

It also includes many of the contemporary monarchs from neighbouring countries in Europe such as Spain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Russia.

This poster was printed in a carbon neutral plant using environmentally friendly inks.

Size: 24 x 36" (61 x 91cm)

USD   $7.95
CAD   $7.95

Customer Reviews:

If you are a fan of the historical novel, then this chart will be a handy reference for you. While you read about a particular period, you can easily find the royalty that populated that period... where they came from, and where their descendents went. It makes history come alive and gives perspective to the rise and fall of great families. I highly recommend this chart.
- Beth M. (Florida, USA)
I just received this poster and was immediately impressed. Probably spent 45 minutes easy looking it over as soon as I opened up the package. Very nicely done, with great graphics. Very easy to read and follow. Would make a great gift for anyone who is interested in the UK monarchy (or all of Europe really). Nice touch to have Prince George of Cambridge included. I recommend it highly!
- Brian L. (USA)
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