Greek Gods Family Tree Poster

Designed by Matt Baker email   Updated 31 Aug 2013

greek mythology poster

british monarchy chart

british monarchy chart

british monarchy chart

This chart shows both the Greek and Roman names for the gods as well as their titles and functions. It covers three generations: the primordial gods, the Titans, and the Olympians

It is also color-coded to distinguish between sea gods, sky gods, earth gods, underworld gods, personifications, monsters, demigods, and mortals.

Easy to follow lines make the complicated relationships between the gods simple to understand at a glance.

In total, the poster includes over 100 names and 80+ images. Makes a perfect supplement for fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series and/or movies such as Clash of the Titans.

Size: 24 x 36" (61 x 91cm)

USD   $24.95
GBP   £15.95
CAD   $25.00

Customer Reviews:

I have never been able to organize all the names of the the Greek and Roman Gods in my head and this chart was really helpful with that. I like the clear pictures of all the Gods with both the Roman and Greek name written below their picture. I also like that it gives the God's domain, ie. Goddess of 'Wisdom'. Best of all, it's organized in a family tree chart that helps with understanding the timeline of the Gods in relation to one another. Clear, simple and organized, I love it!
- Jeanbear (USA)
I ordered this poster for my son who is interested in Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. We were amazed by the degree of detail in the poster: full color, names in both Greek and Roman mythology, and descriptions. This is a great learning tool for anyone who has an interest in Greek and Roman mythology, with a schematic flow indicating roots and descendants. Congratulations on production of a high quality poster that really is an excellent educational tool!
- Dr. David Benjamin (Connecticut, USA)
Detailed, well-designed, oversized poster is perfect. We bought it to help my son get more out of the Riordan book series and this is ideal.
- C. Maroudas (San Diego, CA, USA)
The Greek gods had a rather complicated family tree, but the pictures and colors make this tree easy to follow. I got it for my 12 year old brother, but it is not too juvenile for an adult to appreciate.
- Jessica D. (USA)
I bought this for my daughter who is studying classics. She was absolutely delighted and said she couldn't imagine that it was possible to fit so much information in so clearly, and has been poring over it!
- M. Daniels (USA)
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